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Our story

MIA Bleu Boutique was created by a mother and her 4 kids, hence the name MIA Bleu. 'M' standing for her oldest daughter Mercedes, 'I' for her middle daughter Izamar, 'A' for her only son Alec, and Bleu for Preszley, her youngest daughters middle name.

Gina the mother, originally desired to start this boutique as a young teen taking fashion courses and designing clothes for her family and friends. Gina was nominated as 'best dressed' her high school senior year but coming from a hispanic background her dream wasn't going to cut it. Therefore, Gina had to push her boutique dream away and pursue nursing.

As time progressed, we the kids are happy to finally bring back their mothers teenage dream. The vision our mother always dreamt of, becoming a reality. 

The boutique was astonished online only in 2020 in San Antonio, TX through inspiration, love and support. 

We hope that our small heart filled boutique encourages you to pursue your dreams and to not let anyone tell you otherwise. We value and cherish your support always. 

xoxo, MIA Bleu Boutique.

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